GoFriend Bike Lock Review

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Quick Overview





  • Lightweight and easy to use
  • 5 digit combination is 10x more secure than a 4 digit combination
  • Good choice of attractive colors
  • Comes with an included mounting clip for easy transport


  • Connection of lock to cable isn't very durable and may break early
  • This cable is fairly easy to cut with bolt cutters

If you own a bike, then an accessory you absolutely need is a bike lock. It is the best way to easily secure your bike at home and in public.

There are many different brands and types of bike locks on the market, so how can you figure out which one is best for your needs? 

If you are looking for a good bike lock and are considering the GoFriend Bike Lock this review can help you in your decision-making process.

GoFriend Bike Lock

GoFriend Bike Lock

The GoFriend Bike Lock comes in a choice of 7 different colors, which is a great option for families, dorms, and roommates who need to quickly distinguish bike locks.

The 5-digit combination lock allows 100,000 possible combinations, which is much more secure than 4-digit combinations.

But, while the additional protection of a 5-digit lock is great, most bike thieves don't bother with trying to crack your combination.

You also need the protection of a cable that is difficult to cut or break.

The stainless steel cable of the GoFriend Bike Lock is sheathed with PVC vinyl, for protection from the weather and rust resistance, which also prevents the lock from scratching or abrading on a bicycle while in use.

Who is this product for?

The GoFriend Bike Lock isn't designed for high bike security in a high-risk environment.

It is meant to be a lightweight, portable, attractive, visual deterrent to theft. It's a great choice for low-crime areas, or for securing bike accessories like helmets.

It could also be used for skateboards, lawn equipment, or other items that could use some extra security.

What is included?

The GoFriend Bike Lock comes with an ABS bike mount that makes it easy to attach and carry the lock anywhere you go.

The mount has a simple, quick-release button, and is easy to attach to most bike frames.

Overview of features

The GoFriend Bike Lock has a 5-digit combination, which is 5 times safer than a 4-digit combination, with an anti-saw, anti-drill cylinder.

It is simple to reset the combination to personalize it to something more memorable, or to change the combination whenever you like. 

The high-quality ABS material on the lock is durable in any environment.

The 4 foot long, ½ inch diameter cable is made of stainless steel coated with vinyl.

The PVC vinyl coating is waterproof and won't scratch when you use it.

It is highly resistant to temperatures, without cracking or deformation, and is available in 7 attractive colors.

It comes with a quick-release mount that will fit most bicycles.

The mount has a quick-release button for easy use, and is made of high quality ABS plastic.

How to use

You should always reset a combination lock from the default manufacturer combination before use.

To change the combination, follow these steps:

  • Open the lock with the default password of “00000,” or with your own combination if changing. Make sure that the combination numbers line up with the raised indicator row on the lock.
  • When open, turn the knob clockwise 90 degrees, into the “reset” position
  • Enter the new combination on the combination dial, ensuring that the numbers line up correctly with the indicator row
  • After you have reset the combination, turn the knob counterclockwise 90 degrees, back to the default position.


  • Lightweight and easy to use
  • 5 digit combination is 10x more secure than a 4 digit combination
  • Good choice of attractive colors
  • Comes with an included mounting clip for easy transport


  • Connection of lock to cable isn't very durable and may break early
  • This cable is fairly easy to cut with bolt cutters


The Bukm Bike Lock

The GoFriend Bike Lock is lightweight, portable, and comes in fun colors, but it isn't a great way to provide security for a bike.

The problem with cable locks is that the cables are easily cut, so a thief never needs to even try to break the combination.

This is true of all cable locks, so it isn't a failing of the GoFriend lock in particular.

Experts and law enforcement recommend U locks or chain locks as the best way to actually prevent theft, so if you want a combination bike lock that provides more security and is harder to defeat, the Bukm Bike Lock might be a better option.

Bukm-Security-Anti-theft-Bicycle-ChainThe Bukm Bike Lock

Following these instructions, you can set or reset the combination of the GoFriend Bike Lock as many times as you like.

The Bukm Bike Lock is made of heavy-duty steel chain, but wrapped in a durable nylon cover that prevents abrasions from the chain rubbing or pinching when being used or carried.

This lock is secured by a 5-digit combination code, so you still have the security of a hard-to-crack combination.

The chain is about 36 inches long, so it is shorter than the GoFriend Bike Lock, and it weighs about twice as much, at 1.7 pounds.

However, that extra weight means extra security, and it's a great way to deter thieves.

If you park your bike in low-risk areas, and are just looking for a quick, convenient, visual theft deterrent, the GoFriend is a good choice.

The Bukm Bike Lock costs a little more than the GoFriend, is a bit heavier, a bit bulkier, and doesn't come in all those great colors.

But it's a more reliable way to protect a bike or other item that needs more security outside, and it's a better option when you need more security for a bike or other valuable equipment


The GoFriend bike lock has a 5 digit combination, giving you more options for more secure locking.

While it's true that most thieves don't overcome cable locks by cracking the combination, it's still a great option to have, and may work well as a backup device for other security measures.

If you want the best and greatest in bike security, it's always wisest to choose a U lock or a chain lock, since they are harder to defeat, so a more secure alternative might be the Bukm Bike Lock.

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