Bike Wall And Ground Anchors

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What are bike anchors?  

Bike wall and ground anchors are very simple, but strong, floor or wall attachments that you can use to loop or otherwise secure your bike using an appropriate lock combination.

They are mainly installed using permanent anchor bolts into a solid wall or floor.

What types of anchor are there?  

Anchors can come in a large array of types, sizes, shapes and strengths; from simple brackets to large bolts.

Many are fixed in place using a hex spanner to tighten an expanding bolt which is then rendered immovable by hammering a ball bearing into the hex socket at the top of the bolt.

Where do I fit the anchor?

The best place to put any bike, and therefore a bike anchor, is out of sight.

In a shed or garage is ideal but if that's not possible, certainly off the road. 

Remove any temptation for the casual bike thief.

How do I fit the anchor?

Follow the manufacturer's instructions but there are few things you can do to make your life easier in most cases.

You can fit an anchor yourself but you're going to need a power drill. 

Firstly, though, you need to make sure that you position the anchor in the correct place.

There's nothing worse than drilling a hole and securing the anchor to a wall or floor only to find your bike doesn't easily fit with the lock combo you have.

The fixing bolts that come with many anchors are permanent so not easily moved (for good reason).

Measure it out first so put that drill away for now.

Imagine where you want to put your bike. 

Place your anchor on the wall or floor and try to measure out where and how the anchor and locks will work together on the bike. 

Make sure your floor or wall is solid.

A concrete floor or breeze block wall.

If you have a U Lock and cable, for example, you could use the U Lock to secure the bike frame to the wall and loop the cable around the wheels.

That won't help much with the wheels but it could deter a thief from bothering.

A good U Lock and permanent and inaccessible anchor bolts will stop all but the most determined of bike thieves.

In conclusion

Bike wall and ground anchors are great for security.

They can be a bit of a pain to install if you're not comfortable with power tools but so worth it in the end.

I've used one for years outside the house and it's never let me down.