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What Size U Lock For Your Bike?

A good U lock is an excellent way to protect your bike.  Well-made U locks are very resistant to common tools and techniques used by bike thieves, and you can use them in a variety of ways to secure a bike. When we talk about the size of the U lock, there are three different factors […]

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How to Lock Bike with a U Lock

A U lock is a great way to secure a bike, since good U locks are resistant to cutting, breaking, freezing, and other methods of theft.  However, a U lock can only protect your bike from bike thieves if it is used properly.  Today we’ll be looking at the right way to use a U […]

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How to Lock Your Bike Without a Rack

Having a bicycle makes sense, especially if you live in a place with a wide variety of bike-friendly roads, paths, or with a high number of protected bike lanes.  It makes sense for other reasons too: If you’re a lower-income person, if you’re a student, or if you live in a dense urban area, a […]

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How to Make Your Bike Theft Proof

It’s startlingly easy to buy and sell bicycles on the black market, and it’s almost impossible to recover a bicycle that’s been stolen. Because of the prevalence of bike theft, and because victims of bike theft are unlikely to ever recover their lost property, it’s important to be as proactive as possible about this problem. There are […]

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Where to Put Your Bike Lock While Riding

These days, you would be unwise to leave your bike unattended just about anywhere without locking it up.Bike theft is rampant, and the purchase and sale of stolen bicycle goods and parts is a booming underground market all over the bicycle-riding world.Simply put, as long as there are bicycles, there are also bicycle thieves.This is […]

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What Size Bike Chain Do I Need?

Bike riding is one of those notoriously simple and enjoyable activities of modern life.  If something is really, truly easy, for example, we can say that it’s as simple as riding a bike!  One basic consideration to take into account as you prepare to get riding is chain size.  If bike riding is simple, bike maintenance […]

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