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How to Use a Kryptonite U-Lock

If you have ever had a bike stolen, you know how devastating it can be.   Somebody has just stolen your property, your means of exercise, your means of transportation, and your fun too.   Now, if you are afraid of this happening again with your new bike, you will want to get a high-quality […]

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How to Lock a Bicycle Seat

  Getting a new bike is always a great experience.   You finally have the bike you have always wanted, it looks great, and it rides even better.   It really is a great feeling.   To keep your bike safe and sound, you have a fantastic lock to match, something that is super tough, […]

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Best Place to Put Lock on a Bike

  Getting a new bike is always a big deal. You’ve got a shiny new bike and it’s going to give you so much pleasure.   It’s a great means of transportation, exercise and, of course, fun.   However, you know it, thieves love to steal bikes and they’d love to steal your bike.   […]

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Which Bike Locks Can’t Be Cut?

Ok, the quick answer here is that no bike lock is infallible and with the right tools and circumstance every lock is vulnerable and can be cut. However, i’ll do my best to give you some pointer on some great locks which offer great security and minimise the chance that they can be cut.   […]

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