Best U-Lock for Bikes 2023 – Complete Reviews with Comparison

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A bike is a big investment and the last thing you want is to head in for a cup of coffee and come out to find it gone.

That would just be utterly devastating especially if that is your primary mode of transportation.

So that’s where your bike lock comes into play.

Below is my take on the best U-locks for Bikes.

There are several types of locks available to the safety-conscious bike owner on the market today but the U-lock, also called a D-lock or buckle lock, is touted by some as the most effective.

But like with everything else nowadays, there are so many to choose from even within the smaller category of the U-lock.

So, to help you make an educated decision this article compiles some of the best U-lock for bicycles on the market. 

With this information and breakdown of the best U-lock for bikes in 2023 maybe the stress of ensuring your bike is safe will be a little easier.

Let’s lock down some info on each.

U Lock Comparison Chart

Amazer Heavy Duty Combination Bike U Lock

UShake Bicycles U Lock, Heavy Duty Bike Lock

White Rock Gear Bike U Lock with Cable 

Via Velo Bike U Lock with Strong Cable

OnGuard Bulldog DT U-Lock with 4-Foot Cinch Loop Cable

Best U Lock for Bikes Reviews

Amazer Heavy Duty Combination U Bike Lock

First up is the Amazer Heavy Duty Combo U-lock and it makes it on the list for its heavy-duty durability.

How about we check out some of the best features and benefits.

Product Review

The Amazer lock is super easy to use and will steadfastly secure any bike model out there.

The lock has a length that is highly effective and adaptable to any location you need to lock your bike up to.

The lock itself is constructed with a robust zinc alloy that protects t from damage from people, things and the weather. Another great feature is the coating of PVC that acts to protect your lock even more.

All that would be enough to make this one of the best U-locks on the market, but in addition, it is also super simple to set the combination lock and the dials are easily reached no matter where your bock is locked up.

The pros and cons of this lock are nowhere balanced with the pros tipping the scale in their favor.

However, if there is one drawback it is that some customers have felt that the cable is just a touch too short.

Even with this small drawback, the Amazer Heavy Duty Combination-lock is still worth a glance if you are looking for a lock that will make you feel secure when leaving your bike outdoors.


  • Durable construction
  • Compatible with any bike
  • Effective and secure


  • Cable is too short

UShake U Lock

Next on the list is an entry from the folks over at UShake.

UShake is one of the big names in locks and the U-lock in this slot keeps their reputation alive for crafting high-quality sturdy locks to help the active outdoors people.

Product Review

The UShake name is synonymous with quality and constantly evolving designs to keep them at the forefront of what their customers are looking for.

On top of their intense focus on keeping you safe while enjoying the outdoors this lock also offers you:

  • NO keys needed
  • Easy to set 4-digit combination
  • Metal alloy constructed shackle that withstands many forms of attack
  • Coated with PVC to further protect the lock
  • Durable constructed body

The one small drawback is that the plate can be removed by anyone with a small screwdriver, but that should not keep you from considering this lock as the pros far outweigh the cons.


  • Easy to set
  • Durable
  • Money-back guarantee


  • Easy-to-remove plate

White Rock Gear Bike U Lock w/ Cable

Okay now let’s move on to the White Rock Gear Bike U Lock.

This lock finds itself on this list because it offers versatility and a high level of endurance. 

So, let’s take a more in-depth look at all the assets this lock brings to the game.

Product Review

The White Rock lock and cable set is crafted of high-quality steel that is durable.

The construction of this lock ensures that your bike (or whatever you choose to use this lock for) is protected from any unsavory character that wants to do you wrong.

The White Rock lock ensures this safety by guaranteeing all the following benefits:

  • Climate and corrosion resistant
  • Sturdy and agile steel cable
  • Extra keys and mount included
  • Mount is compatible with multiple bike models and is easily installed
  • Both the cable and lock are eco-friendly PVC to prevent any wear from the elements
  • Free replacement within a year of purchase
  • Design reduces the chance of damage to your bike
  • Versatile uses

With all these great benefits it has been reported by some users that the cable is not as strong as it needs to be and that the size is a little cumbersome.


  • Storage mount included
  • Sturdy construction


  • Size
  • Cable strength could be stronger

Via Velo Bike U Lock

The next entry comes from Amazon’s No. 1 seller when it comes to the lock game.

Via Velo has been selling on Amazon for a while garnering a stellar reputation for both quality and excellent customer service. 

That passion translates to their product as well.

So, let’s take a look at why it so highly praised.

Product Review

The Via Velo Bike U-lock protects your bike with its durable weather resistant construction.

Creating a sense of security with all the attention to their customers need this company has released a performance all-star, and with a 5-star customer service center you are sure to be happy with this lock.

The lock also offers you:

  • Resistant to corrosion and the elements with its PVC coated construction
  • Lock your bike easily and quickly with the strongly constructed lock
  • 3 Keys included (one with an LED light for safety and one with code replacement card)
  • Nighttime safety with LED light attached to the key
  • 24-hour customer service
  • Crossbar with double bolts that makes the locking system more durable
  • Lock cylinder that is theft resistant
  • Transparent PVC covered flexible cable
  • Mounting bracket included

Like with all things, you take the good with the bad and this lock offers great quality but there are some issues when it comes to cable length and the fact that it is not spring loaded.

But if you are looking for a strong and high performing lock with great customer service then make sure you leave the Via Velo open as an option.


  • Quality constructions
  • Excellent customer service


  • The cable is too short
  • Not spring loaded

OnGuard Bulldog DT U-Lock

OnGuard has produced a dependable and efficient lock in its Bulldog DT U-lock.

This budget-friendly lock has so many great things to offer that there was no way it would not make the best U-lock for bikes in the 2023 list.

So, let’s take a look at why this lock made its way onto the list.

Product Review

The budget-friendly, dependable Onguard Bulldog DT is a great choice for anyone looking for a lock that out exceeds the monetary investment.

It is super lightweight and because it is only 9” it is easily carried.

With a little wider build than others on the market in the mid-grade security level opens up a little versatility when you are locking up your bike.

The lock comes with a mount for your frame.   

The lock also brings these specs to the conversation:

  • Great budget friendly lock
  • Braided steel cable which does not require front tire removal
  • End caps that are intended to protect from damage

The OnGuard Bulldog certainly gives the customer so much to look on as advantages but there have been some customers that complained that the mount does not stay tight for very long and that the molded end caps after a few times seem to fall off without any notice.

The fact that this piece has a few cons by no mean suggests that you should take it out of consideration.

So, if you are looking for a good lock that fits in your budget and you are not locking up a super expensive bike then the OnGuard Bulldog may just be the right fit for you.


  • Hefty construction
  • Cable is sturdy


  • Caps come off easily
  • Sub-par mount clamp


Protecting your valuables is important especially if it is your mode of transport.

You can keep your bike safe and your stress down with the right safety precautions like a good lock.

Whichever of these five locks you choose you can rest easy knowing that you have done everything you can to ensure that your bike will be there when you get back from that cup of coffee and that you've chosen one of the best U-locks on the market.

There are many companies, models, and types out there on the market that could make this a very stressful undertaking, purchasing the perfect bike lock that is.

Hopefully with the breakdown of each lock the decision has been made just a little bit easier.

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