Best Budget Bike Locks of 2023: Top Picks

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The fact that we are living in the 21st century doesn’t mean that you can leave your belongings unsecured and out in the open.

Bike theft is quite common, for which reason you will want to be extra cautious when popping into a supermarket to get a couple of groceries while leaving your bike outside.

One of the most essential items that you will want to invest in is a bike lock.

Coming in a couple of different variations, including U-chain, chain-lock, and D-lock, it shouldn’t be that hard to find the one that suits your bike.

To help you, we have created a list of the best budget bike locks and highlighted the pros and cons of each.

Let’s get right to it!

Comparison Chart

BIGLUFU Chain Bike Lock

Schwinn Cable Bike Lock

Titanker U Lock Bike Lock

Best Budget Bike Locks Reviews

BIGLUFU Bike Chain Lock

Coming in two different lengths - 3.3 feet and 4 feet - what you are looking at is an affordable and well-designed chain lock.

Highlighted by a 5-digit combination, as well as an enhanced zinc alloy cylinder, it features a number of points that should keep your bike secure from theft.


The first feature that we want to talk about is the fantastic security that this bike lock offers.

As we have mentioned above, you can choose between 3.3 and 4 feet long, depending on how far away you are locking up your bike.

Most importantly, the 5-digit resettable combination is a modern and convenient solution that helps eliminate the chance of theft.

There are more than 100,000 possible combinations, and you will be amazed by the reliable built-in positioning that will allow you to turn the numbers to the right combination and set a new one in just a couple of simple steps.

This feature is also what makes this bike lock chain so convenient by freeing you from the obligation of carrying keys on you.

This bike lock is highlighted by a strengthened zinc alloy design that is almost untouchable.

As it is dust-proof, water-resistant, drill-resistant, and saw-resistant, you can be sure that this product can withstand some serious damage without breaking.

Additionally, it doesn’t deform in extremely low or high temperatures.

The only concern that we have related to this product is that it is quite heavy.

Still, looking at the overall design, as well as its anti-theft features, this BIGLUFU lock is a fantastic choice for all of you who are on a limited budget!


  • Great price point
  • 5-digit resettable combination
  • Enhanced zinc alloy structure
  • Multipurpose unit
  • Easy to set up


  • Quite heavy to carry around

Schwinn Cable Bike Lock

Schwinn is one of the most respected brands when it comes to locks for motorcycles, skateboards, and bikes.

With this in mind, we weren’t surprised that this cable bike lock offers good quality for a fantastic price.

Highlighted by a modern and sleek design, it is a product that you surely want to consider if you aren’t a fan of chain locks!


Much like the aforementioned product, this one comes in a couple of different size variations, as you can choose between a 6-foot and an 8-foot cable lock.

It doesn’t feature a resettable digit combination, but it offers the classic key-lock security.

Most importantly, the cable is braided and made out of steel.

However, we have to say that the thickness is not optimal, given the fact that 8mm in diameter may not be enough to stop a powerful cable cutter to go through it.

The vinyl that covers the braided top is great for providing tough weather resistance and ensuring that your cable is scratch-free.

Additionally, you are getting a reliable mounting bracket that should give you an extra advantage when it comes to carrying this lock around.

Also, two keys come in the package.

Overall, this is a fair choice if what you are looking for is a budget-friendly, basic cable bike lock!


  • Fantastic price for great quality
  • Comes with two keys
  • Braided steel cable
  • Convenient mounting bracket


  • Basic security
  • Only 8mm in diameter

Titanker U Lock Bike Lock

Last but certainly not least is this combination anti-theft product that offers maximum security.

While at a somewhat higher price compared to the BIGLUFU and Schwinn products, the heavy-duty construction and safety of this lock make it a worthy choice!


First and foremost, we were quite impressed with the design of the U-lock that is 9 inches in length and 5.7 inches in width.

The cable and lock together weigh just above 2 pounds overall, and the lock is covered by 3.85mm PVC for extra sturdiness.

It is incredibly reliable and should withstand cable cutters, as well as all other tools used for cracking an anti-theft device.

We were quite impressed with the 4-digit combination that this lock offers, as it is much more convenient than if you had to carry keys with you all the time.

It is highlighted by a dust-cover, and with a 16mm heavy duty zinc alloy shackle, this Titanker option is a U-lock that is almost impossible to get through.

Still, we have to say that if your bike is somewhat bigger, you might have a tough time securing it around the poles using this product.

However, considering the fantastic construction, as well as the simplicity of use that it is highlighted by, this is definitely our first choice!


  • Good price for good value
  • 4-digit lock combination
  • Strengthened zinc alloy
  • 16mm shackle
  • Easy to use, especially for kids


  • Not for bigger bikes/thicker poles


It is safe to say that all three products we have reviewed offer a good price to quality ratio.

Our personal favorite is the Titanker U-Lock that is highlighted by a heavy-duty steel cable and a 4-digit combination that adds extra security.

As a fantastic alternative that comes at a somewhat lower price, we would go with the BIGLUFU product.

It features a 5-digit resettable lock, as well as a sturdy and intuitive design that allows even those with no experience to set it up!

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alain smithee - November 7, 2020

The campus police officer who took the theft report on my previous bicycle recommended the Bell Sports Catalyst 550 u-lock because it has an oval, double-bit shackle and is less than $30 at Walmart.

The only thing that I do not like about the lock is the 2kg weight, but I’d rather carry a heavy lock than be forced to replace another bicycle.


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